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What are the best shoes to wear (and not to wear) at a theme park?


One of the single most important wardrobe decisions you can make when visiting any theme park is what kind of shoes you’re going to wear for the day. Because lets face it, walking around a theme park is a lot of work on your feet, and the last thing you want is your feet feeling like they’re ready to fall off at the end of the day. We’ve had a lot of people on our Facebook Community asking about what the best shoes are to wear at the parks, so let’s break down some of the do’s and don’ts of what you need to, and what you don’t need to have on your feet at the theme parks.


Some people have that one pair of sandals that are the most comfortable pair in the world, if that is you, by all means, wear them. But just remember, wearing sandals at the theme park may not be the best decision if you’re going to be on your feet for 8-9 hours at a theme park. I’ve personally never been able to find a pair of sandals that could stay on my feet for an extended amount of time, but everyone’s feet are different. Universal Orlando even mentions it on their very own website not to wear sandals. Sandals with the little plastic piece that goes between your toes can be really uncomfortable after a day of walking around a theme park.

While on the subject of sandals, lets bring up Crocs. These things can be incredibly uncomfortable on your feet at a theme park due to the heat and water/sweat combination. Blisters, anyone? Crocs are comfortable wearing around the house and maybe to the grocery store, but not at a theme park for hours on end.

Crowds at Universal OrlandoTennis shoes

Let’s get the most obvious out of the way. Wearing a good pair of tennis shoes at the park is without a doubt, the best option for your theme park adventures. With a good pair of tennis shoes, you can make it through the day without any issues. One tip with tennis shoes, be sure to find a light pair that airs our well due to the possibility of getting your shoes soaked on a water ride. We all know how long it takes to dry a heavy pair of shoes.

High heels

Believe it or not, I have seen high heels inside the park. Do your feet a favor and save the high heels for date night at CityWalk, not for a day of fun at the theme park.

Platform shoes also fall under this category, they are fairly similar in style to high heels.


It gets “cold” down here in Florida a handful of days out of the year, especially during January and February. During those few days, a proper set of boots may not be a bad option. Just remember that if you’re boots are those really fuzzy ones, you may have to bypass the water rides. Having water-soaked boots is not a fun way to spend the rest of the day at the theme park. Of course, if its cold out, then skipping the water rides may not be such a tough decision.

popeye-and-blutos-bilge-rat-barges-islands-of-adventure-950-oiAnother tip for any pair of shoes you decide to wear at the theme parks, make sure they are worn in. Do not go out and buy a brand new pair of shoes the day before your vacation starts and expect them to be comfortable. Wear a pair of shoes that have been worn in for some time.

We highly recommend if you absolutely must have sandals, try Chacos footwear. You can also find a bunch of other tips on what to pack when you’re getting ready for vacation in our What To Pack for Your Universal Trip guide, which can be found here.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with us on what you pack? Share them with us on our Facebook and Twitter!


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