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Aquatica Orlando’s NEWEST Waterslide REVEALED: Tassie’s Underwater Twist


Spring 2024 marks the launch of Aquatica Orlando’s latest waterslide: Tassie’s Underwater Twist, where guests are in for an immersive aquatic adventure like never before!

Guests will climb aboard a two-person intertube that will propel them on a 129-foot journey through Australia’s Shark Bay seagrass meadow. The true highlight of Tassie’s Underwater Twist is the super-bowl element that will whisk guests around the basin as they are immersed in seagrass meadows, schools of fish, and even a shark or two. The experience comes to life through captivating video projections and a mesmerizing orchestral score. 

The creatives behind Tassie’s Underwater Twist hope this experience will emphasize the importance of seagrass meadows and the marine life that depends on them. Brad Gilmour, President of Aquatica Orlando, was quoted saying, “We’ve crafted an experience that will not only delight slide enthusiasts but also create lasting memories for families and friends. With Tassie’s Underwater Twist, we invite guests to dive into an underwater world of wonder, where fun and excitement meet curiosity and education.”

Tassie’s Underwater Twist opens in Spring 2024. Don’t miss a wave of savings on discounted Aquatica Orlando tickets. Explore the sea of deals available here


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