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Discovering SeaWorld: Sky-high views, deep sea encounters & flamingo cruises – plus, the new Wild Days event starts this weekend

As a lover of rides and shows, one of the first things I do on any trip to the Orlando area theme parks is race toward the “headliner” attractions. However, as an Orlando resident and Pass Holder of many of the parks, doing this repetitively can get old without some variation. That’s why, on my […]

Key West at SeaWorld Orlando: Explore a land of turtles, sting rays, dolphins & one of the world’s best roller coasters

The southernmost part of the continental U.S. is Key West, Florida. While many of us cannot take the trek to Key West — although we all should — SeaWorld Orlando does provide a facinating alternative. Today, I invite you to join me as I explore everything this area of the park has to offer! A […]

THE BIG 5: Top five reasons why SeaWorld should be part of your next Orlando vacation

Orlando is home to the world’s top theme park brands: Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld! Of the three, too many Central Florida vacationers give SeaWorld the cold shoulder. I’m here to set the record straight by presenting the top five reasons why this unique theme park destination should be part of your next visit to Orlando. […]