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Michaela was born and raised in Ohio, the coaster capital of the Midwest. With Kings Island as her local amusement park, she gained an affinity for thrill rides at a young age before later making the leap to Orlando in 2016. Passionate about helping families ball on a budget during their theme park vacations, Michaela loves offering tips and tricks for making the most of an Orlando visit. When she’s not writing about theme parks or dreaming of next year’s Halloween Horror Nights houses, she enjoys lounging with her two adopted dogs.

Is there a documentary on Universal Orlando? 5 fun sources for Universal trivia

Whether Universal Orlando is practically part of your DNA or you’re a new fan, it’s always a blast to learn more about a destination that brings such joy and excitement to so many. With tons of franchises at its fingertips and a unique approach to ride concepts, it’s fascinating to learn how the resort unfolded. […]

Celebrating Men in Black Alien Attack’s 20th anniversary with 20 stellar facts

The year was 2000. We were all thanking our lucky stars to have miraculously survived Y2K, and Tom Cruise was about to ride high on the success of Mission: Impossible 2. ‘Twas a simpler time, and us theme-park fans were enamored with our newest, shiniest destination: Universal’s Islands of Adventure, which had opened the year […]

6 best signature nonalcoholic beverages at Universal Orlando

Since bringing JK Rowling’s Butterbeer to fruition for guests’ enjoyment, Universal Orlando Resort has taken the lead in incorporating beverages to captivate yet another one of your senses during your theme-park experience – both Universal Studios Florida  and Islands of Adventure are home to bold, nonalcoholic beverages that help make you feel like you’re part of the stories that […]

6 must-try sweets and treats at Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is constantly evolving its attractions, experiences, and, most importantly (arguably), its desserts. These aren’t your average desserts, either – Universal dreams up the wildest flavors and combinations of goodies to bring unique character to each of its lands and destinations. The best part? Hustling around theme parks all day is the perfect […]

7 best snacks at Universal Orlando Resort

With great rides come great responsibility – the responsibility to stay properly sustained with food to dominate those rides at Universal Orlando Resort, that is. Luckily, Universal’s snack game is a feat in and of itself. We could honestly just spend a day eating through the parks, because the unique snacks are just that good. Across […]

6 meaningful ways to enjoy a romantic weekend at Universal Orlando

Romantics, this is your year. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday and Presidents’ Day the following Monday, it’s time for a long, luxurious weekend with your favorite theme-park partner. Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Universal is the perfect way to pay homage to your relationship built on roller coasters, Butterbeer, and dancing to the Islands […]