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Introducing AL, your chatbot assistant from Orlando Informer

BETA NOTICE: Heads up! Our Facebook Messenger bot is currently in its beta. While it may not understand your question, all questions are logged and help the bot become more knowledgeable and accurate. Thanks for your patience.

You have a lot of questions about your upcoming Universal vacation. With over 200 pages in our OI Universal Center and hundreds of additional pages in our OI Blog, odds are we have the answer or advice you’re looking for.

Additionally we know that when you’re visiting the parks, you want information as fast as possible.

That’s why we created AL, a Facebook chat bot assistant from Orlando Informer.

You can message AL now.

What (who) is AL?

AL is a robot that monitors our Facebook page’s messages and tries to answer your vacation planning questions the best he can. He’ll navigate our database of pages and either attempt to answer your question directly or point you in the right direction.

What can AL answer?

  • Park Hours
    • “What are the park hours tomorrow?”
  • Weather
    • “What’s the weather like tomorrow?”
  • Wait Times
    • “What’s the wait time for Mummy?”
  • Basic Questions
    • “What’s on the menu at Toothsome?”
    • “What is there to eat at Sapphire Falls?”
    • “When does Mardi Gras end?”
    • “How much is parking at Universal?”
    • “How can I save money at Universal?”
Orlando Informer Facebook Messenger Bot
Orlando Informer Facebook Messenger Bot

What can’t AL answer?

With the help of the humans at Orlando Informer, AL is constantly learning. Questions he can’t answer are logged so that he can learn them for future vacation planners. With this being said, sometimes AL won’t be able to answer your question.

AL reads your sentence looking for keywords. Keeping your questions as short as possible will help AL understand what you’re looking for.

DON’T ASK: “My family and I are coming to Orlando in April and wanted to know more about Mardi Gras?”
ASK INSTEAD: “Can you tell me about Mardi Gras?”
Or simply say: “Mardi Gras”

Orlando Informer Facebook Messenger Bot
Orlando Informer Facebook Messenger Bot

Finally, while AL can point you in the right direction for some questions that require an opinion or advice, these questions are best left to our Facebook Community: UOR.Community. This group has over 10,000 members excited to share their prior experiences and give you advice.

Message AL now.

AL will provide information from us, Orlando Informer. Please keep in mind that we’re an internationally awarded independent resource for guest’s visiting Universal Orlando. We can answer most of your questions, but in some cases you’ll want to contact Universal Orlando directly. The policies and procedures of other businesses may change at any time without notice. Therefore, Orlando Informer is unable to make any warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of any content provided.