Rumor round-up for July 26, 2013: Closing Imagination at Epcot, expanding DHS for Cars Land & Star Wars, moving Osborne Lights, The Walking Dead rise


What’s replacing Epcot’s Imagination pavilion? Use your imagination

A short, mysterious, but highly intriguing post by Epcot Explorer’s Encyclopedia on its Facebook page makes some rather bold claims: Disney is planning on closing the Imagination pavilion in Epcot’s Future World on January 2, 2014.

Such news, perhaps, isn’t that surprising; Imagination has easily had the most troubling history at Future World, despite the fact that such pavilions as World of Energy and Wonders of Life have either been completely replaced or shuttered for good (and let’s not even talk about Horizons, which was the first building/attraction in Disney history to actually be razed to the ground). The destination is currently in its third iteration – and even its third name! – and has seen more than its fair share of controversies, given the introduction, removal, and introduction again of Figment, who was for a good while the closest thing Epcot ever had to a mascot.

Figment at Epcot.
Figment at Epcot. Source

While the Explorer’s Encyclopedia has no information on what will be replacing Imagination, it does offer some specifics in regards to the pavilion’s current slate of attractions. Expect Captain EO, the current (retro) 3D short film, and the theater that houses it to be gone for good (sorry, Michael Jackson). Journey into Imagination with Figment will be replaced, as will its gift shop, and will reopen in January 2015. There is no word on whether ImageWorks will be permanently axed or somehow refurbished, although smart money is on the space being used for some type of side-attraction.

As for what that replacement will be… only the figment of Disney’s imagination (or, more likely, its attorneys) knows.


Making room at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Luke, Vader & Mater

We here at RRU have been following the planned expansion/renovation of Hollywood Studios – which will see an East Coast version of Cars Land along with a brand-new Star Wars Land being installed at the park – for quite some time now, and one of the biggest questions throughout the development has been, simply, just where will they put all these new attractions?

It seems like Disney at Work just may have the answer, and it resides in the parking lot. According to the site, the second parking entrance to Hollywood Studios (yes, DHS is the only park at Disney World to actually feature two ways in or out) that opens on World Drive will be closed and dismantled, allowing Imagineers to put up new rides around the likes of Lights! Motors! Action! and Star Tours.

Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Disney’s Hollywood Studios. View this location in Google Maps

Given that most traffic into the park has actually come from the Buena Vista Drive side over the past 24 years (at the top of the image above), such a move would certainly make sense – but the site says that even this entrance will see a drastic makeover, turning it into a bus-only entryway. The idea here will be to help alleviate congestion at the intersection of Buena Vista and Epcot Resorts Boulevard, which was never designed to handle the amount of traffic that it has been getting for a long while now and is easily one of the most backed-up spots in all of Walt Disney World.

Where will guests be able to enter the park, then? Easy – a brand-new entrance, which will be off of Victory Way (the street that heads down to the Art of Animation Resort and the ESPN Sports Complex). By doing this, Disney at Work theorizes, it will not only allow the real estate needed for two or three decades’ worth of expansion, it will also allow Disney to do what it does best and open the new attractions in phases. We could get those rumored two or three new Star Wars rides right away, within the current boundary of the park, while future areas would be built where all those endless rows of parking spots are right now.

For more Star Wars Land coverage, check out the last few RRU posts. You might also be interested in my other blog post this week, Designing Star Wars Land at Walt Disney World: What Disney’s Imagineers should learn from Universal Creative. You can read it here.


Quick hits: Disney Springs, Osborne Lights & The Walking Dead

MouseSteps has some nice pictures – and even some video – of the preliminary construction work that is being done at Downtown Disney, which will eventually transform it into Disney Springs. As of right now, all we can see is the closure of parking spots all across Downtown and construction walls finally going up around Pleasure Island, in order to bring the long-abandoned “adult section” down.

Disney Springs construction - July 2013.
Disney Springs construction – July 2013. Source

In this vein, if you want to see the fan-favorite Comedy Warehouse specifically being torn down, then ThemeParkReview’s Twitter feed has you covered, you masochistic weirdo.


It seems like all might not be lost for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights holiday show, whose closure either this year or next at Hollywood Studios has many a Disney fan’s heart pitter-pattering. Screamscape reports that a new Christmas light program is more than likely making its way over to Epcot, comprised at least in part of salvaged Osborne elements, although the whispered mutterings of insiders can’t agree on whether it’d be one giant display in Future World or distributed all throughout the various country pavilions in World Showcase.



And definitely saving the best for last: in case you missed the news yesterday, Universal not only confirmed the third haunted house in this year’s Halloween Horror Nights lineup, it also made an unprecedented move in announcing that all the outside scare zones will be themed to the same property. Yup, that’s right – The Walking Dead, AMC’s record-setting television series, will have multiple locations/sets from its three-year run scattered all over both Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood.

The Walking Dead - Halloween Horror Nights 2013.
The Walking Dead – Halloween Horror Nights 2013.

Reaction has been strong… and weighted more toward the negative, with many longtime HHN fans seeing the move as yet another step away from creativity and original content — the hallmark of the event in years past (and the reason why many longtime HHN fans became so passionate in the first place). But the move also has some fans cheering, particularly those who love the Walking Dead franchise. In fact, some fans make a strong argument that the use of movies for the first three haunted houses and the HHN 2013 street experience is actually more in line with Universal’s true heritage as a film and TV production facility and the only place where you can Ride the Movies.

Be sure to read all about these developments and more in Orlando Informer’s complete guide to HHN 2013.


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Paul Rankin

your kidding pigment could be finished

Tracy Cook Heinritz

No not Figment!!

Jeannette Mantilla

Figment is my Favorite! It was bad enough when they changed the ride the song all but disappeared, but not him, please!

Claudette Gianino Quadrini
Claudette Gianino Quadrini

awwww…farewell Figment

Joshua Vigor

Figment not pigment

Andrea Williams


Terry Ainsley

One little spark of inspiration…….sad times 🙁

Paul Rankin

auto correct on the iphone ain’t the best my bad

Patricia Renaud Jadach
Patricia Renaud Jadach

🙁 NO 🙁

James Cspc McDermott


Eileen Ludwig

They ruined it when they changed the original


Boy, I hope they don’t choose to disperse the Osbourne lights throughout the countries in World Showcase. I’m sure it would be pretty, but it wouldn’t be nearly as impressive as having all the lights together where you can see them all at once, synchronized to the music.


I’m predicting this before anyone else: The Imagination Pavilion is going to get a clone of Mystic Manor. Hopefully with Pigment instead of the monkey.


When you say DHS is the only Disney park that has two entrances, I think you might be forgetting about Epcot’s International Gateway… 😉


Marc means two main entrances to the parking lot, not the park itself 🙂

Michael Aaron Futterman
Michael Aaron Futterman

Nooooo I grew up with figment I don’t want to see him go 🙁

Natasha Dawn

I love Figment – hoping for a new version of him!

Lisa Fox

I like figment, but I prefer the original ride, it was much better than the one now

Michelle Marrero

Noooooooo I love FIGMENT.

Deborah Polk Page

This will infuriate me! WDW does need to modernize it but FIGMENT STAYS!!!!! Remember where you came from!

Joshua Zeff

(Jaws music)
Universals starting to scare the mouse :0 awesome!!! Bring in new stuff!!!

Zoe Marie Ashworth

Oh no way
Keep open forever
No way be closed!!!!

Ken Balderbank

Figment is as much Disney now as the mouse! There’s a lot they can do if they re theme but figment needs to stay!

Angela Buckley

Figments spirit died when the dream finder did. I doubt they will get rid of the little purple dragon that represents imagination….but ill be dreaming sweet sweet dreams tonight of the original ride returning in all its glory….hmmm that would be nice

Lisa Secula

They can’t get rid of Figment, but I am excited for the updates – I personally don’t care for Captain EO or the rest of the pavilion

universal has always said Ride the Movies and i think they should reintroduce that element to there park by letting people not only ride the movies but to Live the Horror of tv shows and movies and i agree that this is the best step for universal. HHN will be better this year than ever and the original stuff just kinda seems cheap from years past so this is probably the reason people will want to come back again and again year after year and  depending on that years scary movies to make way it can only be better with… Read more »

I was sooo disgusted when Journey Into Imagination was first updated…the day the imagination died. I was a little happier when they brought back Figment. But nothing will beat the original concept. That was pure creativity!!!