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Super Awesome Super Bowl contest: Win a set of customized t-shirts [UPDATE – winners anounced!]



This contest is now closed, and the lucky winners are Ashley Merrett for the closest guess to the halftime score and Olivia Smith for the closest guess to the final score. If that’s you, please contact JeniMadeIt directly via the private message function on her Facebook page.

Both Ashley and Olivia win their own set of completely customized, professional designed t-shirts from JeniMadeIt. Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s contest – and thanks to JeniMadeIt for sponsoring it!


Original post

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, a day filled with food, friends, football… and some FREE t-shirts for the winners of our Super Awesome Super Bowl contest!

We partnered with the amazing Jeni Thornhill to bring you a chance at winning a completely customized t-shirt package designed professionally by Jeni. Here are just two examples of her work:

Wizarding World of Harry Potter 2014 - JeniMadeIt.
JeniMadeIt custom t-shirt design.
World Disney World 2014 - JeniMadeIt.
JeniMadeIt custom t-shirt design.

Keep in mind that these are just samples. Jeni will be happy to customize the shirts for your family, including the background, characters, names, and title. Like I said, she’s amazing.


How to enter our Super Awesome Super Bowl contest

1) Guess the halftime score of the Super Bowl. Whoever gets closest to each team’s score without going over wins a 4-pack of Jeni’s customized shirts.

2) Guess the final score of the Super Bowl. Whoever gets closest to each team’s score without going over wins a 4-pack of Jeni’s customized shirts.

You may offer one guess for each of the two chances to win — halftime and final. In the event of a tie, a winner will be randomly selected from the tied entries. Please note that shipping to the U.S. or Canada is included in the prizes, but international shipping may not be. (International readers, remember that your shirts can be shipped to your hotel in Orlando when you visit, so you wouldn’t necessarily have to pay for shipping anyway.)

To submit your guess, post a comment on the JeniMadeIt Facebook page. Entries will be accepted anytime up to the start of the game. Remember, one guess per person for the halftime and final score. When typing out your guesses, be sure to include the team names!


More about JeniMadeIt

JeniMadeIt creates custom, one of a kind t-shirts for every occasion. Each design is hand drawn to portray the unique characteristics of your family and friends, as well as reflect your destination or occasion. JeniMadeIt specializes in group travel T’s for all types of vacation destinations.

If you are looking for a perfect birthday or wedding gift, JeniMadeIt has you covered. Need something different for a shower, party, or workplace event? JeniMadeIt is here to help! Each design is created just for you, all characters and titles are 100% customizable, and shirts available at a great price.

JeniMadeIt custom t-shirt design.
JeniMadeIt custom t-shirt design.
She said yes!
She said yes!

Visit her shop at to see the themes she currently has available. If you don’t see what you are looking, feel free to contact her – she loves to take on something new.


Thanks to everyone for participating

We will announce the winners here and on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Google+ page Monday.

To learn about Super Bowl 48, you can visit the official site. Game starts at 6:30pm Eastern.

If you have questions, leave a comment below!


2013 winners

Here are the winners of our Super Awesome Super Bowl contest:

1) Jennifer Green, who guessed a halftime score of Ravens 24, 49ers 3 – the actual halftime score was Ravens 21, 49ers 6.

2) Daniel Alexander, who guessed a final score of Ravens 30, 49ers 22 – the actual final score was Ravens 34, 49ers 31.

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