Christmas Shopping at Downtown Disney: My new holiday tradition


It all started when I got my annual pass for Disney at the beginning of this year. While walking through one of the gift shops, I saw the huge Cinderella Castle play set. Immediately I knew my 7-year old daughters would love it. During every Disney visit this year I would pass by it at one of the gift shops and say “I am going to get this for the girls!” Finally I decided it would be the perfect Christmas gift, and Downtown Disney was the place to get it.

When we arrived at Downtown Disney it was not that crowded. I chose to shop there as opposed to the shops in the parks for multiple reasons. First of all the parks are pretty crowded around Christmas, and I thought I may be able to get around the shops at Downtown Disney a little better. Another great thing about choosing to shop there was the amount of stores. There were so many great gift ideas I didn’t think about until going into a few of the other stores. And finally convenience was a big reason. After shopping it was easier to walk right to my car with all my bags instead of hopping on a monorail, tram car or bus.

When we arrived at Downtown Disney it was nice to see the Christmas decorations. I noticed a little decorated, lit up building with a line. This is where Santa is set up. For those that are local or visiting for the holidays he is there from 12:00 pm to 9:30 pm with short 15-30 minute breaks throughout those times. When I passed by the line didn’t seem that long.

Christmas Shopping at Downtown Disney.
Christmas Shopping at Downtown Disney.

The inside of the World of Disney store was also beautifully decorated, which of course made everything more appealing.

I found many great gifts here and not all of them were overpriced. From sets with all the characters of a Disney movie ranging from $12.95-21.95 to CDs with the songs and the story of your child’s favorite Disney princess for as low as $5.00 there really was a lot to choose from. Going into this shopping trip I thought everything I was going to buy would be expensive, but I found a lot of great things that weren’t. If you are looking for various Disney-themed Christmas decorations including ornaments, Disney has plenty! It was hard not to fall in love with all the ornaments. However, I found these to be pretty pricy, with most ornaments starting at $14.95.

Christmas Shopping at Downtown Disney.
Christmas Shopping at Downtown Disney.
Christmas Shopping at Downtown Disney.
Christmas Shopping at Downtown Disney.

Disney’s Days of Christmas Store, which is open all year long, also has a huge selection of Christmas ornaments.

Overall, the shopping experience was great. The employees were helpful, it wasn’t too crowded and there were plenty of stores to see with countless gifts for any Disney fan. I can see making a trip to do some Christmas shopping at Downtown Disney becoming a yearly tradition. For those who haven’t had a chance to go yet, if anything go to just see the decorations and lights. And I am sure the kids would love to see Santa as well!

Christmas Shopping at Downtown Disney.
Christmas Shopping at Downtown Disney.

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Matt Bloom

Hey there, did you happen to see any iPhone cases in any of the stores?


No I didnt happen to notice them there.  However I have seen them at the little shop carts at Hollywood Studies and they look great.


I’ve seen iPhone cases at Downtown Disney. I don’t go in the character stores much, so I can’t say for sure if they are inside the stores, but I know for sure there are at least two stand-alone kiosks at Downtown Disney that sell them — and probably more.