Walking the Downtown Disney and Saratoga Springs loop

Saratoga Springs walkway
It's a few furlongs around the loop.

Walt Disney World offers some fantastic routes for those of us who like to walk for exercise. Of course there is anywhere you want to go in the Disney parks. But there are also a few routes outside of the theme parks that are just as much fun and may let you see a few new sites.

One of my favorites is the Downtown Disney and Saratoga Springs loop. This two-mile walking path starts at Downtown Disney’s parking lot Q (behind Cirque Du Soleil), takes you by all the shops and restaurants in the entertainment complex, and then swings you around on the other side of the lagoon for a stroll through Saratoga Springs Resort. I really enjoy this walk because you get a chance to experience all the energy and chaotic fun of Downtown Disney and then all the relaxation and pristine landscapes of Disney’s first vacation property resort.{{{*}}}

See the entire route plotted on Google Maps

Here is the route in pictures with instructions so you don’t get lost:

Downtown Disney parking entrance to lot Q
First, if you are driving, you want to go to the Downtown Disney parking entrance to lot Q on the far west end.
Downtown Disney Lot Q
Lot Q is *behind* Cirque Du Soleil and is almost always empty. You'll never have a problem getting a spot here.
Downtown Disney West End entrance
Our walk begins as we head into the Downtown Disney West End entrance.
Walking through Downtown Disney's West End
Walk through Downtown Disney's West End...
Characters in Flight
...past Characters in Flight...
Raglan Road Statue
...through what was once Pleasure Island and past the Raglan Road statue...
...past Portobello...
Downtown Disney Marketplace Waterside Stage
...past the Marketplace Waterside Stage...
Downtown Disney Marketplace Margarita Bar
...stop at the Margarita Bar, drink, continue...
Downtown Disney Marketplace exit
...and you've finally made it to the Downtown Disney Marketplace exit. Walk out to the bus stop and take a left.
Entrance to Saratoga Springs property
Follow the road over a small bridge and you'll soon see this sign for Saratoga Springs. Take another left here.

At this point you continue to stroll along the path, following the water’s edge. Enjoy the scenery of the resort and the great views of Downtown Disney…


Eventually you’ll take a right as the path leads you up to the resort’s main road. Once you reach the road, take a left and follow the path over the bridge. Continue walking until you arrive at the resort’s pool area.

Saratoga Springs pool area
Once you're at the pool area, stop at the pool bar On The Rocks. When you're done, head past the pool and up the stairs next to the water slide.
The Artist's Palette
At the top of the stairs you'll find The Artist's Palette. You can walk through here and grab a bite to eat or continue walking outside toward the registration desk's porte cochere.
Golf cart parking at Saratoga Springs
Now this part is a bit tricky. Once you have walked out of the porte cochere, take a left and head toward the golf cart parking lot. Take another left into the lot and walk through it down to the golf course entrance.
Golf course entrance at Saratoga Springs
We're almost back where we started. Follow the path to the golf course area. Don't worry that you're not playing golf. I've done this walk dozens of times and all the cast members are very pleasant despite the fact that I don't have a golf bag.
Tee 1 sign at Saratoga Springs
Look for the sign for Tee 1 and head in that direction.
Bridge at Saratoga Springs golf course
You'll walk through a wooded area. On the other side, head toward the bridge.
Saratoga Springs golf course bridge view
Take in a view from the bridge. From here you can see parking lot Q and Cirque Du Soleil. At this point you just follow the path toward the parking lot.
Downtown Disney West End parking lot
When you see this you've made it all the way around. Good job! Fun, wasn't it? Want to go around again?

Here’s the link again to the route on Google Maps: See the entire route plotted on Google Maps.

This walk can take as little as 45 minutes if you don’t stop at all. If you do stop, it can take several hours. No matter how you do it, the walk is lovely and will not disappoint.

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