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Universal’s Volcano Bay Tickets – complete guide

In the days leading up to Universal’s Volcano Bay, we’re working on creating this page. Check back for frequent updates and be sure to join our Universal Facebook Community.

Update 2/17: Universal has increased their ticket prices this morning. We will be updating this page within 24 hours.

On this page in our OI Center, you’ll learn about Universal’s Volcano Bay tickets! Volcano Bay is Universal Orlando’s third theme park. However, the water theme park admission is a bit different from the other two theme parks, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

Universal’s Volcano Bay Ticket Requirements

Universal has made it more difficult to just purchase a 1 day ticket to Volcano Bay. While the ticket can be sold as part of a Universal Vacation Package or via Travel Agents, a 1 day ticket to just Volcano Bay cannot currently be purchased on Universal’s ticket site. Guests who wish to visit Volcano Bay must purchase at least a two day ticket if they wish to do it through the Universal website. If you’re interested in a one day ticket to just Volcano Bay, contact your preferred travel service (like Orlando Informer Travel).

In addition, Universal’s ticket website requires you to purchase a 3-Park ticket in order to experience Volcano Bay. Your ticket does not have to be park-to-park, however. While 2-day 3-park (one park per day) tickets are not available, 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day 3-park (one park per day) tickets are available.

Finally, all Volcano Bay tickets currently for sale are valid starting June 1, 2017.

Universal’s Volcano Bay Florida Resident Tickets

No information has been released regarding if there will be a Florida Resident discount offered for Volcano Bay. Continue to check back as the opening draws closer.

An overview of Universal Orlando Resort, now featuring Volcano Bay
An overview of Universal Orlando Resort, now featuring Volcano Bay

Universal’s Volcano Bay Ticket Prices

Keeping in mind the requirements above, Universal’s Volcano Bay online store ticket prices currently begin at $244.99 for an adult 3-park 3-day ticket (one park per day). The ticket is $234.99 for children age 3 to 9. This ticket allows you to visit one park per day for three days. Your 3 days do not need to be consecutive, but you will need to complete all three days of your ticket within 7 days. As of right now, this appears to be the cheapest ticket to Volcano Bay through Universal’s store directly. If you’d like, you could spend all 3 days at the new water theme park. As always, since this is not a park-to-park ticket, it would not be valid for the Hogwarts Express.

Also available is 3-park 4-day (one park per day) tickets, which are $254.99 for adults and $244.99 for children. 3-park 5-day (one park per day) tickets are $264.99 for adults and $254.99 for children.

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If you’re interested in park to park access that includes Volcano Bay, your cheapest option is the 3-park 2-day (park to park) ticket which runs $274.99 for an adult and $264.99 for children age 3 to 9. This ticket allows you to visit Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay as many times as you want for 2 days over a 7 day period. This means that your visits do not have to be two days in a row and that you can visit multiple parks in one day. For example, you could visit Universal Studios Florida and Volcano Bay on Monday and then visit Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay on Wednesday. Since this is a park to park ticket, it is valid for the Hogwarts Express.

Park to park tickets that include Volcano Bay also come in the following varieties:

3-day: $294.99 ($284.99 – children)
4-day: $304.99 ($294.99 – children)
5-day: $314.99 ($304.99 – children)

Astute readers will note that the difference between a 3-day and 5-day park to park 3-park ticket is only $20.

Of course, we haven’t mentioned the Volcano Bay tickets currently only available when purchasing Universal Vacation Packages or working with a Travel Agent. A 1 Day Volcano Bay ticket for this summer appears to be $126.74, including tax.

Universal’s Volcano Bay Annual Passes

We’re still waiting to hear if Universal Orlando will offer an annual pass to Volcano Bay or include it in any of the current Annual Pass options.

Universal’s Volcano Bay Vacation Packages

Splash, Stay, and Play Vacation Packages are now on sale! These packages include 4-night hotel accommodations, 3-park 4 day (one park per day) tickets, and Early Park Admission to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter AND Volcano Bay (beginning June 1).

If you book by April 30, you can save up to $100. Those traveling between June 1 and August 15, 2017 save $50. Those traveling between August 16 and October 31, 2017 save $75. Those traveling between November 1 and December 31, 2017 save $100. For a free, no obligation quote on this package, contact Orlando Informer Travel!