TWISTER… Ride It Out at Universal Studios Florida

TWISTER… Ride It Out at Universal Studios Florida

TWISTER… Ride It Out at Universal Studios Florida


Posted ImageTwister… Ride It Out at Universal Studios Florida.

NOTE: This attraction closed on November 2, 2015, in order to make way for Race through New York starring Jimmy Fallon opening in 2017.

New York.

Restrictions and access
None; has Express Pass access.

Two sentence insider summary
Based on the 1996 movie starring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, this indoor, walk-through attraction allows you to experience the creation of a real-life tornado right before your very eyes and ears.

Fear factor
4 out of 5. High rating because the tornado sequence is very loud.

Wait times
If you ever see a wait time longer than 10 minutes, call me.

What you wish you knew before you experienced it
The end sequence demonstrates what happens when a tornado strikes the small town of Wakita, Oklahoma. Like Terminator 2, there is a boom at the end!

OI fun fact
Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt refused to be in the same room when the video was being filmed for this attraction (who knows what they were fighting about). If you pay attention you will notice that they are never in the same camera shot.

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