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Rumor round-up for July 11, 2014: Universal’s Volcano Bay water park, Disney expansions, and Comcast buying SeaWorld

Volcano Bay, the future, and you Three years ago, HHNRumors, of all sites, came across a trademark filling for a new water park called, oddly enough, WonderSea Island. Nothing ever came of the request – until last week, that is, when Parkscope noticed a new filling for something called Volcano Bay, which has to do […]

Rumor SPOTLIGHT for July 5, 2014: Why Star Wars Land is still delayed, and why you may not see Luke Skywalker there

Do you remember Star Wars Land, which was originally supposed to debut at Anaheim’s Disneyland in 2017 and at Orlando’s Hollywood Studios in 2018? The last we heard, some eight months ago, the entire project was indefinitely delayed, at the least, or outright scrapped, at the most. Well, just this week, Disney and More decided […]

Rumor round-up for June 27, 2014: Universal is building three more hotels, all the HHN 24 scare zones, and a few Diagon Alley updates

Hotels, hotels, and more hotels It has long been known that Universal has been interested in eventually developing five hotels on its property – that’s been in the books ever since the mid-’90s, when the company first hatched plans to transform Universal Studios Florida into Universal Orlando Resort – and it’s even been thoroughly accepted […]

Rumor round-up for June 6, 2014: More Diagon Alley stores and their locations, casting spells in the wizarding world, and conversational goblins

At last! The most exact(ing) layout of Diagon Alley yet If you’ll recall from last week, we were on something of a tear to find out all we could about the specific shops and their various locations all along Diagon Alley’s four(!) streets. After getting our preliminary batch of intel, we’re excited about getting an […]

Rumor round-up for May 30, 2014: New details about Gringotts, limiting the Hogwarts Express, and the latest intel on wands, drinks & shops

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts: The good Just recently, the wonderful Bob Wadd posted some pics and video of his latest helicopter fly-by of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley (done while the dragon was being installed last weekend) at his equally wonderful Pixels at the Parks site, and one […]

Rumor round-up for May 2, 2014: New Harry Potter food & souvenirs, clues to Early Park Admission, but where’s the grand opening announcement?

Eating, drinking & buying your way around Diagon Alley It’s already May, which means that (more than likely) the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley will be open next month. So it should come as no surprise that Universal employees got a special sneak peek at future culinary and merchandise offerings this past […]