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This information is outdated, we will be announcing more details on writing for Orlando Informer in the coming weeks.

Have you just returned from Central Florida and want to let everyone know how your trip went? Did you have a memorable experience at the theme parks that you want to share? Or, do you have a passion for Orlando and are looking for a huge audience to share your knowledge or projects with? If so, our site might be perfect for you!

Our site is growing by leaps and bounds! When you share with us, you could potentially be sharing with tens of thousands of Orlando and theme park fans.

2012 page views: 1.9 million (216% increase)
2013 page views: 5.5 million (189% increase)
2014 page views: 16.8 million (205% increase)

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Learn about sharing your story and contributing to our site
OrlandoInformer.com is always keeping an eye out for great new content to publish on our site. One of the best resources for original ideas and compelling stories is our growing community of readers. With this in mind, I invite you to share your story!

You don't need to know how to publish on a blog or anything like that. You just need to have a good story to tell about Central Florida and a desire to share that story with our readership.

Here are some ideas of what you can contribute:
  • Restaurant, hotel, and attraction reviews
  • Tips on how to save time or money while visiting Orlando
  • The inside scoop on a news story or big announcement
  • Retrospective on a closed venue
  • Top 10 lists (example: Top 10 things to do in Orlando on a rainy day)
  • And of course the ever-popular trip report is always awesome!
Do you have several stories to tell? Then you could become a regular OI contributor, and we will pay you! Keep reading to learn more.

Can I really write about anything? The sky is pretty much the limit. Your topic just needs to somehow relate to Central Florida tourism.

Do I need to live in Orlando? Not at all. In fact, depending on what you are writing about, it would even be okay if you had never even been here!

Do I need to have my own website to contribute? No, you definitely do not.

If I have my own website, can I link back to it? Absolutely! I encourage it.

Can I post content that I have already posted on another site? This usually isn't a problem.

What’s in it for me? Three fantastic things are in it for you:
  • First, sharing your story with other OI members is a powerful way to help others. Many people visiting Orlando are coming for the first time, or they are visiting a new venue for the first time, and it can be daunting. Your story can provide support, confidence, and hopefully help others save a little time and money along the way.
  • Second, sharing your story can be an enriching experience. Useful advice is appreciated by all, and by contributing to OI you get a chance to offer your personal insight and interact with other OI members. Ultimately, this can be very rewarding for you.
  • Third, sharing your story is a great way to support OrlandoInformer.com.
Get paid while gaining exposure for your own site and social networks
Are you a serious writer who wants to share multiple stories with us? Do you like the idea of displaying your insight, expertise, and enthusiasm to over 100,000 unique OI readers each week? That is great, because we are often looking for new contributors, and we will pay you up to $50 per post for the content you produce. We also commission projects from time to time that have paid over $500. In addition to getting paid, we encourage all of our contributors to link back to their own sites and social networks.

Keep in mind that contributors do not necessarily have to write about Orlando’s theme parks. As long as (1) your content is original, (2) you can make your stories come to life with amazing photos, (3) what you write is related to Central Florida tourism, and (4) you are a talented writer, we will be happy to consider your work.

To learn a little more about OrlandoInformer.com before contacting us to become a contributor, click here.

How does it all sound?
Hopefully it is sounding pretty darn good. And remember, you don't need to have any website or blogging experience – you just need to know how to put your words down and attach photos.

To get started,

Thank you for your time and interest! I look forward to hearing from you.

Taylor Strickland
Owner & Editor

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