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      (IMPORTANT) What's next for our community   03/24/2016

      Today we're excited to announce the start of our new Facebook group: Universal Community by Orlando Informer. We're also announcing we're closing our forums. This is probably the hardest decision I've made so far with Orlando Informer. This week marks the 2nd anniversary of our forums. Monday will mark 2 years from when I first applied to work with Orlando Informer. I was entering a pool of over 50 applicants, didn't meet the requirements, and didn't think the odds were very high that I'd get the position of Forum Moderator. It never even crossed my mind that not only would I get the position, but that position and these forums would be the start of being able to do what I love as a fulltime job. At its core, our forums have always had two goals: A ) Help families receive specific answers to specific questions, feedback from folks who have been in their shoes, and help them maximize their investment into their vacation. B ) Build a community of people who love to visit Universal, with a foundation of respect and tolerance. I can speak for our entire team on our forums (both past and present), especially our Community Manager @Chuck Plagmann, when I say that we have devoted hours of time every day of the year working towards these two goals. We feel that we've made major strides towards both of our goals, but see the opportunity to help a significantly greater amount of people plan their vacation and add on to our established (and amazing) community. Unfortunately, as time goes on, forums like ours have a tendency to slow down and be replaced by social media. It's the cycle of life for forums. We believe that this Facebook group is the logical next step for our community. Our forums and the content within will remain browseable for the foreseeable future, however you will not be able to submit new content. Our Facebook group, Universal Community by Orlando Informer, will be curated by our same team that ran the OI Forums. @Chuck Plagmann and I will be on the group daily to provide insight and help families plan their vacation. @debi will be monitoring for any Special Needs questions. Our (very talented) authors, like @Marc N. Kleinhenz, will be on the group to talk about their latest articles and your feedback. Finally, @Park Beast will even be dropping by from time to time to talk about our weekly podcast. You can access our Facebook group by searching "Universal Community by Orlando Informer" or visiting UOR.community from any webbrowser. We know this is a substantial change from our forums, but are hopeful you'll be willing to give it a shot. Additionally, we're launching a Facebook group for Universal Hollywood: "Universal Community by California Informer" or visit USH.community. This is the end of the forums, but it is just the beginning of our community. One thing we consistently hear from members of our forums is how different our community is from some of the others found online. We are committed to maintaining this reputation in our Facebook group. I have met a countless number of people, many I call friends, from our OI Forums. I know real bonds (and even relationships) have resulted from the time spent on these forums. I'm looking forward to seeing these bonds develop and new ones form on our new outlet. Please know that this decision was not made lightly or without considering the amount of time many of you have spent on here. I fully believe this is the next step forward to growing our community and helping as many people as possible have the best trip to Universal. I'm looking forward to interacting with everyone for many years to come. As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with feedback -- taylor [at] orlandoinformer.com See you on the Facebook Group, Taylor P.S., Unlimited likes on Facebook, you can thank me in advance.

Early admission and EZ RezTM Exclusive Online Benefit, Front of the line pass

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Great to see that you now have this site for Universal Hollywood a few years ago on our visit to Orlando I found your Orlando Informer site extremely helpful and saved us a lot of time and money.

Now on to Universal Hollywood and the upcoming opening of the Wizarding World of HP.

I have a question about early admission and front of line passes.  I noticed now on the Universal ticket site that benefits of the new EZ RezTM  system (buying directly through Universal) includes early admission.  How does this work?  Does it apply to daily passes as well as annual passes?  If so what version of the annual pass and would early admission apply to everyday the pass is valid?  Is this the only way to get early admission?

Do they have similar partner hotel deals like Orlando where early admission is included?

If i purchase tickets bundled as part of the 3 day Go Los Angles card does it come with early admission.  If not are you able purchase separately a front of the line pass and add it to the ticket that comes with the 3 day Go LA card.

thanks in advance

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for writing in. I'm glad Orlando Informer's helped you and your family have a great vacation in the past.

Relatively little is known about the new early entry program. We're working on a page dedicated to the subject, but right now Universal isn't clarifying much about how it'll work and what specific passes include the perk.

From what we understand, only single day admissions purchased in advance on Universal's official ticketing website will receive the early entry perk. Though we do not have explicit confirmation, we would reason that Universal will not allow its annual passholders to access early entry on a consistent basis. (They may adopt a policy similar to Orlando, where AP holders can enjoy early access on certain days or weekends.) Universal has yet to announce any other means of procuring the early entry benefit, including the booking of any "neighbor" hotels.

We'll try and reach out to Universal directly about the 3-day Go Los Angeles card, but if we had to guess, we'd expect the early entry perk to not be included. Universal is attempting to incentivize guests to purchase directly from them for specific days so they can better prepare for crowds, so unfortunately we doubt they'd extend the perk to a flexible, third-party ticketing option. That said, we'll try and clarify as soon as possible.

Finally, just bear in mind that early entry does not begin in any form until April 7th, 2016, not coincidentally the day Wizarding World of Harry Potter officially opens its doors. Furthermore, note that one cannot currently purchase tickets for days outside the 2016 calendar year.

Thanks again for writing, and I hope this helps.

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