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  1. SeventyOne

    Saddle Up LBV

    Had a surprise St Patrick's Night--Saddle Up Orlando opened a new outlet for their country bar/dance club right in the heart of Lake Buena Vista. Been 10+ years since Wild Horse closed at PI, suddenly the tourist area has two country bars (with Cowgirls in I-Drive 360). The club is inside the old Ponderosa (no, really!) on 536 across from Caribe Royale. Pretty stereotypical country bar. Pool tables, dart boards, neon signs, a huge Ale-house size bar and a decent-sized dance floor, with booths scattered around. DJ spinning mostly top 40 country, with some line dances ("The Wobble") and throwbacks (Bellemy Brothers!) thrown in. Kitchen remains intact, you can buy bar-b-que from an inside walk-up window. I'd had a Mad King at Splittsville for lunch, so I passed it up, but smelled amazing. Good sized crowd for a non-publicized opening on a night with heavy competition. Young and good-looking, too. I could see this being a huge College Program hangout and also pulling from the Westwood/Sea World area. Staff was friendly and efficient. Apparently happy hours will run 4 -7 and 12 - 2, but prices were right in line with other bars in the area. Remains to be seen if this is a one-off or if more nightlife comes to that formerly sleepy area.
  2. SeventyOne

    Halloween Horror Nights 2016

    That was my first thought--but a friend reminded me the song also featured prominently in the mid-season finale of TWD. Then read Dr Jimmy's caption ... "singing the same old song again and again and again and again and again." Uses "again" 5 times, would be the 5th appearance of TWD at HHN. Still not sure what his game is, but I think this non-clue is TWD, not Insidious.
  3. SeventyOne

    Halloween Horror Nights 2016

    #9 "We'll Meet Again" has a new spin given pictures this weekend of Penn & Teller at MCO.
  4. SeventyOne

    Halloween Horror Nights 2016

    Re: Dr Jimmy non-clues. #4 is clearly the new Purge movie. If use of song in trailer didn't give it away, Dr Jimmy's caption on the song would have. #5 is famously a Doris Day song. So probably the same IP as is being used in Hollywood under that codename. One thought: song used in Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much. Notorious, mentioned in the caption, also a Hitchcock film.
  5. SeventyOne

    Restaurant reccomendations

    Highway 98 in Lakeland has probably a dozen of the "usual suspect" chains within a mile or two of I-4--Olive Garden, Chilis, Hooters etc. Sonny's, a bar-b-que chain big here in Florida, might be a fairly unique and sort-of local choice. There are some good, less cookie-cutter places in Lakeside Village in Lakeland, but that is a bit more off the highway. I'd stick with 98, easy-off, easy-on. I want to say it's exit 32, which makes it an ideal half-way mark returning from BG.
  6. SeventyOne

    Universal Orlando Garage Sale

    The Buffet section was ... interesting. Mess of shirts but also sweat pants, a stack of Live in Vegas CDs, a couple copies of one of his books, and replacement pitchers from those $300 blenders he sells. Not the blender itself, mind you, just the replacement pitchers. Of the Potter stuff, lot of generic Hogwarts merch, lot of the stuff from the original joke shop. And a ton of merch from HHN 24 - 25. I'd say just about everything offered there except drinkware. So many Jack pins ...
  7. SeventyOne

    Halloween Horror Nights 2015

    Hell Week this year should be 10/18 - 10/25. It's based on when local schools are out--the hell isn't just the increased number of people, tho attendance does spike, but also that they're surly teens. Local county school closings are spread over that week, but every night that week could be bad.
  8. SeventyOne

    Halloween Horror Nights 2015

    Last night was not that bad, crowd-wise. Would not have known had you not posted. Contrast from when it's been on Sundays.
  9. Even TWD--my least favorite house--was made interesting by going through with the lights on, seeing how the effects work and the various Easter eggs. While there's no guarantee what you will get, there are no uninteresting tours.
  10. SeventyOne

    Halloween Horror Nights 2015

    TWD is weak this year, no question. Can tell Creative did not have their heart in it. Carnival of Carnage far more likely to be censored than B&T. If anything, B&T plays it relatively tame this year, controversial figures get a one-off mention at most. CoC, on the other hand, shocked me a couple times.
  11. Went through a Walking Dead house at HHN last night, inspired me to bring this thread back from the dead ... Adventures in Charity 2015, the unofficial Adventures Club reunion show is just a few weeks away--Saturday, October 3 at the Holiday Inn LBV on 535. As a reminder, this year's event will be emceed by none other than Karl Anthony, everyone's favorite "angry Otis" (and my personal favorite Hathaway). Also newly added to the line-up are Sheila Smith-Ward (THE original Samantha Sterling--they wrote the role for her!) and Adv Club/Comedy Warehouse mainstay Mary Thompson Hunt. But we have 10 actors in total, plus a few surprises in the works. The Colonel's Club tickets sold out, but we still have great seats available starting at only $25. Get you tickets today, http://www.adventuresincharity.org/tickets.html. Kungaloosh!
  12. SeventyOne

    Halloween Horror Nights 2015

    A lot of guests only come to Universal during HHN. (Not as many as 7 years ago, but not insignificant numbers.) And even among the hard core fans, once house lines get crazy, the chance to see the dragon at night and maybe get a Butterbeer or craft beer will probably pull people in. Knockturn Alley shop should do quite well.
  13. SeventyOne

    Artegon Marketplace review

    I don't recall noticing it, but honestly didn't really look. There is one in Downtown Disney now.
  14. SeventyOne

    Halloween Horror Nights 2015

    Commercial up ...
  15. SeventyOne

    Halloween Horror Nights 2015

    Definitely watch American Werewolf in London. It will increase your appreciation of the house exponentially, and it's as much a comedy as a horror movie anyway. Purge and Insidious wouldn't hurt to better understand what's going on, if you have 2 hours to kill for each. Freddy and Jason, can probably follow along with minimal knowledge of the films. They like to kill people, one's a joker, the other is quiet.