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  1. RT @thetomska: marevol: something crossover meme me: ultimate showdown flash toon *** you

  2. @ben_silverman @jetscott 2/2 cheaper than a Vive setup. I know a PS VR setup is cheaper, but I'm only talking about the PC VR headsets.

  3. RT @NintendoNews: Update: "MH" was an acronym used by the imaginative minds in the original Morgan Stanley report -- Much Hype lost: https:…

  4. RT @NWPlayer1234: Twitter why is there a dedicated DM button on every tweet

  5. RT @_razzchan_: My new favorite word is "Nunna" @TheJWittz #wittzparty https://t.co/uDOkCOgwBp

  6. RT @RenegadeKidLLC: Phew! This is all 20 of the playable secret characters in #MutantMuddsSuperChallenge Wow, what a great line-up! https:/…

  7. RT @FarmboyinJapan: Nintendo is trying to trademark the Super Mario "coin" sound. https://t.co/71tN2o2bsj

  8. RT @JonTronBot: Two worlds, one faaaamily. *** this ***. SON OF MAN, LOOK TOOOO THE SKY *Jacques explodes.*

  9. RT @Ssb4Fan12: https://t.co/citYkIxr8L

  10. RT @NintendoAmerica: Noticed anyone with a ???? icon this #Splatfest? Find out what that's all about here: https://t.co/tvQ3fduiFF https://t.c…

  11. RT @Haedox: Friendly reminder that this is the album cover art to the Shrek soundtrack from the early 2000s https://t.co/Kg598vlmar

  12. RT @drew: Or he's dropping an album. Weird graphic. https://t.co/aMQOoVyma6

  13. RT @NintendoAmerica: Would you rather build a snowman or a sandcastle? Vote now for the #Splatfest starting on Friday at 9 PM PT! https://t…

  14. RT @alpharadTV: Okay, now here is my For Glory tier list. https://t.co/zLebqhHKL1

  15. RT @shulk_zanza: https://t.co/b76r3Ijmx5