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  1. Kathkat

    Universal Orlando Photography

    Gotta watch for that! Thanks @Bern!
  2. Kathkat

    The "Good Morning" Project

    Good Morning All, Very upset to hear of the news in Belgium. Just awful. Sitting here, with a little extra time. I'm out of coffee, so I can't make any. I'm out of groceries, so I can't make any lunch to take to work. So here I am! As @Lainie understands, this lack of coffee is unacceptable, and I will stop at the 7-11 to get a large cup on my way in to the job! Are there 7-11 stores in Florida? They have very good coffee and a great spot where you make up your own with loads of additives available! Not a lovely latte, of coures, but fuel nonetheless! Well I better get going if I want to have time to stop for my java (who am I kidding, I have to stop for it regardless of time!) . Have a good day all! Jealous of those done for the week already!
  3. Kathkat

    Skull Island: Reign of Kong

    Does anyone know if Express Pass will be available on this ride? I'm hoping there will be. I can dream, can't I? A tad off topic, but is Express Pass usually available on Hulk? Thanks for any info
  4. Kathkat

    Universal Orlando Photography

    I don't think I know this bridge! Something else to find on the next trip. Can anybody tell me where to look for it?
  5. Kathkat

    Universal Orlando Photography

    We got some great shots "all clear" at night in Hogsmeade. I copied this in from my phone, so don't know if it will work. Also, the photo does not appear as clear as it does on my phone, but I will try to send this and my other favorite Oh well, the pic did not copy from the phone
  6. Kathkat

    Universal Orlando Photography

    You really managed to get views I have never seen before!!! Where did you get that shot across the water at what looks like the back of the Three Broomsticks? is that what I'm looking at? Is this last view of the castle from behind one of the fruit carts? Also, you and Neecie got a shot of Gertie from outside of Diagon. don't know where I saw that pic, but I would love to know where you guys got that one from? Gertie's "butt in the air"? Do you know the one? Brilliant! don't think I've seen any "live" shots of Diagon with nobody in them! Well done Bern!
  7. Kathkat

    Tell us a joke

    Heh! Good one!
  8. Kathkat

    Random Chatter

    Ooh, now that one made me take pause. Great way to talk a bright mind out of worrying!
  9. Such a great piece of your story! Yes, we Potterheads get it
  10. Kathkat

    The OI Forums at 2

    Wow! I came upon OI when I first heard about the creation of Diagon Alley. I followed the blogs obsessively and at some point, I discovered the forums. I followed them for a long time, scared to jump in. When I finally did I remember feeling like a rock star when Taylor responded to my quest for help with registration and had the same star struck feeling when I introduced myself and the mighty Chuck Plagman welcomed me! And I haven't stopped reading the forums and using the helpful blogs since! I haven't personally met anyone yet, but you are all such wonderful, positive, bright, funny , caring people! Thanks everyone! Happy Birthday OI!!!
  11. Kathkat

    Let's talk shopping!

    Wear whatever you are cool and completely comfortable in. I slather, and I mean slather, sun block on because I, too am a glass of milk, with freckles! My daughter is always fussing at me to "rub in the sunblock". I simply don't care because I have had my share of horrible sunburns as a kid, and it ain't gonna happen now that we have these wonderful spf things. Seriously, wear light, comfortable clothing. I was just watching tv the other night, and I came across this Dr. Amen on public television. He was talking about the 18-40-60 concept. At 18 we are overly concerned with everything anybody else thinks of us; at 40 we don't care (or we try not to) and when we turn 60 we realize that nobody is thinking about us. Everyone is thinking about themselves!
  12. Kathkat

    Throwback Thursday

    When I was a kid we called those "go-go" boots. Anyone else remember that term?
  13. Kathkat

    The "Good Morning" Project

    Good Morning All (erm, afternoon really) Happy to report that I made it through shopping with my son yesterday. I had a conversation with him about being as pleasant as you can be when a job needs to get done, and there is no way around it. Makes for a better day for all involved. Only one moment of, let's call it "a difference of opinion", but the rest of the day was just tip top! Sooo glad, as I haven't been feeling up to snuff lately, and the day would have really tried my patience otherwise! Today I am spending a few hours going through a vacation package plan my friend purchased from Universal Orlando. She has never been to the parks, and I am trying to write a user friendly explanation of everything. I think we forumers tend to forget how knowledgeable we are, and when we explain things to others, it can seem daunting to them. So I am going step by step through the process of getting one's express passes at an onsite hotel, use of water taxis, etc...This is sort of the next best thing to going myself! I can tell myself that anyway! But it really is a joy to spread the joy of the parks to a newbie, isn't it?
  14. Kathkat

    The "Good Morning" Project

    Oh how nice! M and H will have fun! They must be over the moon!
  15. Kathkat

    The "Good Morning" Project

    Good Morning All, Beautiful day here today. Feels like zero humidity. Of course tomorrow, we may be covered in snow - how much? Nobody seems to have a consistent answer! Anyway, today will be a very frustrating day as I drag a grumpy," I don't wanna be here doing this" type of 16 year old son with me on a shopping trip. He has to get new formal clothes and supplies for an upcoming trip with his band. It is going to be torturous. He will absolutely refuse to try anything on, and I will absolutely refuse to let him leave a store without trying the stuff on. Lots of laughs! Wish me luck! Have a great day all (or at least less torturous than mine)