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  1. Lit https://t.co/dKpJ9MbXRM

  2. Can't wait! https://t.co/gyjeC9ij78

  3. Glam bag! https://t.co/gyjeC9ij78

  4. Yay! https://t.co/OrvhHD60Co

  5. Yay https://t.co/dKpJ9MbXRM

  6. I'm so excited! My February Glam Bag is on the way! Join me on @ipsy! #ipsy https://t.co/VrVgTqGWOW]?sid=email&cid=track_feb_twitter

  7. Yay! https://t.co/gyjeC9ij78

  8. Can't wait! https://t.co/Ne2wOaDMcE

  9. It'd just okay https://t.co/PYK77eYDzI

  10. Love it! https://t.co/BaBi7y9Non

  11. Heyyyyyy! https://t.co/gyjeC9ij78

  12. Yay https://t.co/Ne2wOaDMcE

  13. #can't wait! https://t.co/Ne2wOaDMcE

  14. Yay https://t.co/YHGEznnj6H

  15. When you see someone you don't like on your bests snapchat #stahp #eww