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      (IMPORTANT) What's next for our community   03/24/2016

      Today we're excited to announce the start of our new Facebook group: Universal Community by Orlando Informer. We're also announcing we're closing our forums. This is probably the hardest decision I've made so far with Orlando Informer. This week marks the 2nd anniversary of our forums. Monday will mark 2 years from when I first applied to work with Orlando Informer. I was entering a pool of over 50 applicants, didn't meet the requirements, and didn't think the odds were very high that I'd get the position of Forum Moderator. It never even crossed my mind that not only would I get the position, but that position and these forums would be the start of being able to do what I love as a fulltime job. At its core, our forums have always had two goals: A ) Help families receive specific answers to specific questions, feedback from folks who have been in their shoes, and help them maximize their investment into their vacation. B ) Build a community of people who love to visit Universal, with a foundation of respect and tolerance. I can speak for our entire team on our forums (both past and present), especially our Community Manager @Chuck Plagmann, when I say that we have devoted hours of time every day of the year working towards these two goals. We feel that we've made major strides towards both of our goals, but see the opportunity to help a significantly greater amount of people plan their vacation and add on to our established (and amazing) community. Unfortunately, as time goes on, forums like ours have a tendency to slow down and be replaced by social media. It's the cycle of life for forums. We believe that this Facebook group is the logical next step for our community. Our forums and the content within will remain browseable for the foreseeable future, however you will not be able to submit new content. Our Facebook group, Universal Community by Orlando Informer, will be curated by our same team that ran the OI Forums. @Chuck Plagmann and I will be on the group daily to provide insight and help families plan their vacation. @debi will be monitoring for any Special Needs questions. Our (very talented) authors, like @Marc N. Kleinhenz, will be on the group to talk about their latest articles and your feedback. Finally, @Park Beast will even be dropping by from time to time to talk about our weekly podcast. You can access our Facebook group by searching "Universal Community by Orlando Informer" or visiting UOR.community from any webbrowser. We know this is a substantial change from our forums, but are hopeful you'll be willing to give it a shot. Additionally, we're launching a Facebook group for Universal Hollywood: "Universal Community by California Informer" or visit USH.community. This is the end of the forums, but it is just the beginning of our community. One thing we consistently hear from members of our forums is how different our community is from some of the others found online. We are committed to maintaining this reputation in our Facebook group. I have met a countless number of people, many I call friends, from our OI Forums. I know real bonds (and even relationships) have resulted from the time spent on these forums. I'm looking forward to seeing these bonds develop and new ones form on our new outlet. Please know that this decision was not made lightly or without considering the amount of time many of you have spent on here. I fully believe this is the next step forward to growing our community and helping as many people as possible have the best trip to Universal. I'm looking forward to interacting with everyone for many years to come. As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with feedback -- taylor [at] orlandoinformer.com See you on the Facebook Group, Taylor P.S., Unlimited likes on Facebook, you can thank me in advance.


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  1. General Potterhead Chatter

    Have you guys seen this?? HP and Lego combined by a Mom over 2 years and 400,000 bricks! Wow!!!! http://www.hotmomsclub.com/g/mom-creates-ultimate-lego-version-of-hogwarts-you-have-to-see-to-believe/?utm_source=facebook&utm_content=hmc&utm_campaign=social-o
  2. The "Good Night" Project 2

    Haven't popped in the last couple of days...my parents were supposed to come today for an appt in the city tomorrow but showed up Monday b/c of pending weather and then came straight to our place instead of my brother's 20 mins away. So, I've been entertaining and peacekeeping so to speak...and i have to drive my mom to the city since they hate the traffic. Off to bed soon as we have to get out the door early to bring kids to school with Easter cupcakes and a baby gift for a teacher leaving, and be to the doctor by 9:15. Cross your fingers, say a prayer that the snow stays away tomorrow...and that the doc's assessment of Mom will tell us a cochlear implant will stop the vertigo, help the deafness, and restore quiet in her head (she says it sounds like she's in a wind tunnel with a constant roar in her head driving her crazy) ever since an ear infection in Dec 2014 changed her health completely for the worse. Nighty night all. Peace and prayers to Brussels and the World.
  3. What film are you watching tonight?

    I decided to let him go hesitantly as it is 2.5 hrs long (wow!) but then she texted to say they would be staying home for the party instead...crisis averted...whew....gotta cut the apron strings soon...:(
  4. Throwback Thursday

    I'm in the middle of Mad Men...telephone number is my guess if the 70s were like the stewardesses of the 60s in that show!
  5. The "Good Morning" Project

    Funny you mention migraines (*sorry u have one)...this page was on my FB feed...apparently, a piercing in the inner cartilage of the ear folds has made all the diff for some people! http://m.huffpost.com/uk/entry/8531022
  6. What film are you watching tonight?

    Advice: has anyone delved into the Batman vs. Superman trailers and the pg-13 rating? Is it completely unsuitable for a 9 almost 10 year old? N1's friend is turning 10 and is having a sleepover for his bday and he wants to go to the cinema to watch B vs S. His parents asked if my son was able to go. I'm weary b/c of the rating and the little sneak peek of a girl superhero crawling into a hot tub with one of the guy superheroes...not sure how far the scene goes from the trailer...and if course they want to go Friday. We did let him see Star Wars, Jurassic World, some of the Avengers...so if it's along that line, fine. I don't want it to be a Deadpool type superhero movie for adults.
  7. The "Good Morning" Project

    Happy Sunday morning! The Weather Channel can't decide what Mother Nature intends for us this week...the guy says big nor'easter coming to dump wind and snow yet their forecast says 6 derees and rain for Tuesday with very little precipitation all week....hmmm... I've searched the site but can't find much on accomodations around St. Pete's. My sis with her family of 5 are going near the end of April and she's asked me for help....so I'm asking you all...what are the really nice condos/suites for three kids/2 adults in St. Pete's area?? Prob for a week to 10 days... Have a good day!
  8. Robe Idea

    Friend of mine made wonderful robes for her 2 sons' bday last year (black with maroon and black with green) and she bought the iron on embroidered patches from eBay for the chest crests. They were amazing. You should make them!
  9. The "Good Night" Project 2

    Watching Supercross from Detroit right now with the Muggle...so hard watching live tv when you can't fast forward the commercials! Mad men on Netflix earlier. Spent the afternoon cleaning the basement since my parents are coming to visit on Wednesday and the spare room is filled with junk. Took the boys to Toys R Us this morning for the free Lego minifigure scavenger hunt they put off. Boys are "camping" on the couch downstairs tonight - crossing fingers N2 doesn't wet the sleeping bag/couch...that would be bad ...despite being 6, he still wets sometimes...he was dry for 2 months there and earlier the week, he was wet 4 nights in a row...so frustrating and we've tried everything.....hhhmmmppph. Nighty night!
  10. The "Good Morning" Project

    Good afternoon now! No snow day as was forecasted so the boys dragged their heels to the bus in disappointment. It did snow enough to clear but not close school or work. On the other hand, it's given me and bday boy hubby the day to ourselves to adult, relax, and eat as he was still under the weather and stayed home from work - at least til 3 pm. Happy Friday!! Happy bday to Kris' spouse, Freddyglove's spouse, and mine - we'll have to plan a meetup around the 18th at some point in the future; one bug bday party! Lol....course that just means more work for us catering to the bday peoples so maybe another time! ;p
  11. The "Good Night" Project 2

    Grass? What's this grass you speak of?
  12. The "Good Morning" Project

    Here's my contribution: Chocolate cupcaked with Irish Whiskey/cream cheese/coffee choc chip filling and Irish Whiskey butter cream cheese icing....sooooo delicious with Irish Coffee! Saw this on Facebook...thought of Marty and Lainie!
  13. The "Good Morning" Project

    Well, it's nearly lunch...boys will be home from their half day soon - PT interview day. I booked for this afternoon while my Muggle is at work since I figure the boys are old enough to play in the playground behind the school while I am inside and so I wouldn't have to go tonight in a forecasted snow storm but alas, the Muggle decided to not feel well and for once take a day off work sick. So, the boys can stay here while I'm gone. It was nice binge watching Mad Men with him once they left for school this morning. Major faux pas this AM, apparently, leprechauns are supposed to mess up my house and leave gold coins on St. Patrick's Day. 10 years into this Mom job and I didn't know this one when N1 woke up searching for gold! Oh well...sprinkled some shamrock candy on the pancakes to make up for it. Think we'll have stew tonight...the suggestion was Irish but I have no lamb so beef will have to do. Have a grand day all! Congrats on the test passing Lainie, and Happy Birthday to Nathan, Kris...tomorrow is my Muggle/husband's birthday too...:) FreddyGlove - should we ask why you bought 7 dozen bagels?? I mean, I shop at Costco too but 7 dozen...hmmm jk
  14. LEGOLAND Florida: general news & updates

    New Expansion for LEGOLAND Florida announced! http://www.llfblog.com/2016/03/15/just-announced-multiple-projects-launch-largest-expansion-in-legoland-florida-resort-history/?utm_source=March%20General%20eNewsletter&utm_medium=CRM&utm_content=Learn%20More%20button&utm_campaign=Big%205
  15. Random Chatter

    Good to know!