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  1. OCPlanner

    Brianna's Two Weeks in Orlando Report

    Congratulations!! Fabulous news!
  2. I have a Buy One Ticket - Get One Ticket Free coupon for LEGOLAND. It expires on 12/31/2015. I am happy to mail it to anyone who needs it. If you plan to purchase an advance ticket online, there is no need for the physical coupon, just go to : http://legoland.com/legostore2015/
  3. OCPlanner

    Theatre Magic Show

    I found out that the Theatre Magic Show located to the left of Mel’s Drive-In at the Hollywood Dr. section permanently closed yesterday (August 30, 2015). The Universal Orlando representative I was talking to did not know why or what was going in its place. She was only able to confirm that it is NOT for the Hello Kitty store because the HK store is going where I Love Lucy is located. I am curious if anyone on this forum has insight into why it closed or what is going in its place. My 6-yr-old son loves magic shows and will be very sad that this has closed.
  4. Luggage is a consideration for me. There are 4 of us traveling and we have yet to figure out how to travel lightly. Mid-size rental cars have difficulty fitting 5-6 large suitcases. At least with a shuttle, they have vans so fitting in the luggage is not a problem.