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  1. heyitsmk

    Royal Pacific Resort - Questions

    Any RPR promo codes on travel sites that someone may have stumbled upon?? Thanks in advance!
  2. Has anyone been to the grounds lately that may have an update on construction? How are things coming along?
  3. heyitsmk

    Gift Card limit at RPR?

    They actually allowed us to put more than our balance so we had a credit, and we were charging things to the room, and all purchases went towards the credit at check out.
  4. heyitsmk

    Gift Card limit at RPR?

    From out experience in our last two trips, we paid for a $750 balance at RPR with gift cards. It takes a few extra minutes at check in, but it was an easy way to save up... Grab a gift card at the grocery store every week.
  5. heyitsmk

    Halloween Horror Nights 2016

    Yea... When we bring the kids, EP is necessary. But DH isn't a rider, and with it being our anniversary trip, I'll be hitting single rider lines anyhow. We always get EP for HHN. I think I recall HHN EP giving you express during the event, right?
  6. heyitsmk

    Halloween Horror Nights 2016

    I understand everyone being over TWD, but I got into that show as "research" for our first trip to HHN which was 24 and we're now HHN addicts). Last year's TWD house I found to be too dark, not allowing you to really see the scenes... So I honestly couldn't tell you whether I liked it or not bc I don't feel like I really saw it. Lol I'll be ok with another TWD house, bc I'm into the storyline, but I hope they work out the kinks before I get there so I can enjoy. Anyone slightly nervous about Sapphire Falls being a bust, but couldn't refuse the $150 dining credit?! We've decided it's going to be a test this year, and if we don't like, back home to RPR we go!