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  1. eXo

    Toothsome Chocolate Factory

    Am I the only one that finds the word "Toothsome" somewhat annoying? Odd that the WWE rumor swept in right before this announcement. The last time I was at citiwalk we stopped in for a drink at Margaritaville and ended up at a table next to several well known wrestlers. What with their developmental show and training facilities just down the way in Winter Park, it makes sense for them to establish a presence in the themepark districts. It leads me to think a WWE facility is likely still going to happen, just not in this exact location.
  2. First off, everything still points to the Nintendo license being used to revamp the kiddie section at Universal. An entire gate dedicated to this and other video games.... that is highly unlikely. The only way I can see that playing out is if the rumored third gate's theme is "high tech". If they went with a futuristic/high tech theme, then video games could obviously fit in with that. Considering this is the year of consumer end VR and Universal's penchant for simulator rides, there actually may be something to this. On the other hand, just ask Disney about the challenges of trying to run something with the name "Tomorrowland". Time moves faster than the parks can, and anything billed as being 'high tech' is bound to be dated in the not too distant future. I also don't think we will be seeing anything remotely close to three new parks. If the new land is indeed developed as part of their themepark business, then I would expect to see a third gate surrounded by 2-4 resort hotels. I'd expect them to leave room for a 4th gate expansion sometime way down the road. Anything more than 4 gates begins to pass the point of actually generating new guests. Disney has also run into this issue. Very few families go on vacations that are longer than a week. 4 gates + a water park is 5 days of plans, easily. Some would argue you could even spend more than a single day at any of the parks. So at this point, Universal already has enough for people to do to capture their entire week long vacation. A 5th gate, in general, is not going to get folks to actually extend their trip. At that point it creates choices between Universal parks, which doesn't benefit them financially. Besides, it's not about how many gates there are, it's about the quality of the existing gates, and how much there is to do. When people talk about a 5th Disney gate it always sort of stuns me, as they need to put money into their existing parks before anyone worries about the potential of a new one. Luckily they are starting to do this, but they still have a very long way to go.
  3. eXo

    Skull Island: Reign of Kong

    So what exactly happened with this. It's been nearly a month and there has been no testing. I get being off by a little, but it seems like someone gave you some really bad info on that front.
  4. eXo

    Fear factor

    Beetlegeuse'show is gone and not coming back as far as I know. There is also zero confirmation of a phase three Potter at this time, just wild speculation and wishful thinking. Fear Factor Live is still running 9 months out of the year (3 months down for the Bill & ted show around October). So unless they announce something between now and February, FF Live will still be running when you attend.
  5. eXo

    Skull Island: Reign of Kong

    In suppose work has primarily moved to the inside as progress on the outside has really slowed down. From October 14' through March 15' it was astounding ho quickly the building and facade went up. But over the last 6 months the mural has ever so slowly been filled in and a handful of other additions have been completed on the outside. Maybe by next Spring, when the opening date is within a few months we will finally see the outside come to completion.
  6. Thanks for sharing that video. I've lost count of how many times I've watched it!