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  1. Captain Tom

    May 2016 - OI Meetup & Special Event.

    Just curious.....Is there a calendar for this amazing meetup anywhere listing the OI forum peeps that are attending? Asking for a friend.
  2. Captain Tom

    Stay & Scream: More than one night?

    I'd like to try and help clarify this hopefully. I believe you are simply just confusing some terminology. If the days you use your regular two day P2P park tickets (let's use Oct 7 and 8 as an example) fall on a HHN night (which the 7th and 8th are) and you have added a HHN ticket for both nights .....then you are all good. There is no such thing as "buying" a stay and scream. You simply enter the park any time before they kick out the regular day guest with no HHN add on ticket and choose which Stay and Scream spot you wish to wait in. You can do this for each and every night of HHN as long as you have a day ticket and a HHN ticket for that night. For example....last year, I attended HHN on 5 different nights and would get to the park around 4pm or so and use my AP (day ticket) to get in and then meet up with my gang at whichever location we chose to SnS that particular evening. This is the same exact method as @Chuck Plagmann mentioned above and I did this each of the 5 nights I went (along with Chuck since most the time we were together, lol). So simply: Buy a 2-day Park to Park ticket to use (for example) Oct. 7th and 8th. Buy the add-on HHN tickets for both Oct.7th and 8th. You need nothing more to Stay and Scream for BOTH of those nights. Hope this helps. P.S. The reason the rep on the phone could not do this is because tickets are not for sale yet and I am assuming that particular rep may not be well versed in how HHN Stay and Scream works.
  3. Captain Tom

    September 2016 - Who's up for it.

    Wow, it's only mid-March and I am really liking the way this calendar is filling up!!! I have also heard some really good news about some other OI peeps that their plans seem to be coming together and I am sure we will see their names added to the calendar soon! And with no pressure intended, I am still holding on to hope on a few others that keep using words like "only if" "and "probably not" and "it's doubtful" but still asking questions about other people's plans. Sorry, but until someone says "I am definitely not coming!" I will continue to count you as a maybe! For those "on the fence" who have never been to HHN or haven't attended a #OIMeetUp in person.....trust me when I say....You WILL have the time of your life and meet some of the BEST people in the world! Hope to see you added to the list!
  4. Captain Tom

    The "Good Morning" Project

    Good morning OI. Just wanted to reach out to our Belgian friends, especially @Elcolonel78 and @ATCBelgium and hope and pray for their safety, and that of their family and friends, during the continuing terrorist threat and attacks today on Brussels. Both Steven and Frauke have reached out on social media to confirm that they are okay this morning.
  5. No ma'am.......just good at the resort itself.
  6. Captain Tom

    The OI Forums at 2

    @Chuck Plagmann I can honestly say the pleasure has been all mine, along with the dozens of the rest of you guys that I proudly call my friends. It is so weird to think that it's been almost two years since I actually met so many of you great people on the forums and also in person! I truly consider quite a few of you very close friends! It would take forever to name each and every one of you, but you know who you are! Congratulations and many thanks to the Orlando Informer community, especially Mr. Chuck and @Taylor Strickland for all the support and effort provided to the forums and the official and even unofficial park meet ups! I am sure the best is yet to come.
  7. Captain Tom

    DaddyO and Cissa's Mardi Gras Weekends!

    I'm a sucker for these trip reports!!! They are all sooooo great.....and this one does not disappoint! No clue how you guys remember all the details, I forget so much stuff until I see pics and videos.........maybe it's the booze???? LOL......kidding!!!
  8. This is a video from Kyle at ViewFromTheCheapSeats posted about a week ago. The first 25-30 seconds is footage from the construction over there at Sapphire Falls. To check it out click HERE.
  9. Captain Tom

    September 2016 - Who's up for it.

    Awww, c'mon! The ONE time I don't stay there! Soooooo mean.
  10. Hey Synn.... I am assuming the 35% off deal is the Stay More, Save More discount during Regular and Value Season. No code is needed. The way that it works is dependent on how long you stay. I believe it is 10% off for stays of 3 nights, 20% off for 4 nights, 25% off for 5-6 nights, and 35% off for stays of 7 or more nights. I don't think anyone is really sure yet on how they will handle the $150 food credit yet, but if I had to guess I would say it is tied into your room key. This hotel opens on 7/14/2016. Right now the policy is the same as the other on site properties, Check In is 4pm and Check Out is 11am. But just like the other properties, I am sure these times can vary depending on availability. There have been times that we were able to check into Cabana Bay as early as 9am! Hope this info helps! Have a great time!
  11. Captain Tom

    March 5 2016 Mardi Gras Meet up

    Well you know as well as I do that if they allowed it.......we woulda had it!!! LOL
  12. Captain Tom

    March 5 2016 Mardi Gras Meet up

    How come every single picture of me has me drinking booze, trying new booze, pictures of booze, posing with booze......where are all the pictures of me doing something other than drinking @Chuck Plagmann?????
  13. Captain Tom

    Halloween Horror Nights 2016

    A "few less beers" at HHN??? I'm sorry, but this just does not compute. I mean.........HHN.......less beer......and you're Scottish........I feel like something is very wrong here! Next thing you will be saying that you are against blinky cups! Sheeesh! Oh......welcome to the forums, by the way. ;-)
  14. Captain Tom

    Lainie & Marty's Walker Stalker London Trip

    TOTALLY read this in Lainey's and Marty's voices! Oh F#%& Aye!
  15. Yup......those are the hub pics that you have been seeing. While I have faith that Universal will adapt it's security processes due to the crowds during Harry Potter weekend, I'm not risking it. You are very welcome for the info and don't worry about not making it to HHN after all the RUM, I, and the other OI Linebackers, will be there and help get you through the houses! You got that right HPTR, Joe, Paul, George, Mike!!! Boo!