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      Today we're excited to announce the start of our new Facebook group: Universal Community by Orlando Informer. We're also announcing we're closing our forums. This is probably the hardest decision I've made so far with Orlando Informer. This week marks the 2nd anniversary of our forums. Monday will mark 2 years from when I first applied to work with Orlando Informer. I was entering a pool of over 50 applicants, didn't meet the requirements, and didn't think the odds were very high that I'd get the position of Forum Moderator. It never even crossed my mind that not only would I get the position, but that position and these forums would be the start of being able to do what I love as a fulltime job. At its core, our forums have always had two goals: A ) Help families receive specific answers to specific questions, feedback from folks who have been in their shoes, and help them maximize their investment into their vacation. B ) Build a community of people who love to visit Universal, with a foundation of respect and tolerance. I can speak for our entire team on our forums (both past and present), especially our Community Manager @Chuck Plagmann, when I say that we have devoted hours of time every day of the year working towards these two goals. We feel that we've made major strides towards both of our goals, but see the opportunity to help a significantly greater amount of people plan their vacation and add on to our established (and amazing) community. Unfortunately, as time goes on, forums like ours have a tendency to slow down and be replaced by social media. It's the cycle of life for forums. We believe that this Facebook group is the logical next step for our community. Our forums and the content within will remain browseable for the foreseeable future, however you will not be able to submit new content. Our Facebook group, Universal Community by Orlando Informer, will be curated by our same team that ran the OI Forums. @Chuck Plagmann and I will be on the group daily to provide insight and help families plan their vacation. @debi will be monitoring for any Special Needs questions. Our (very talented) authors, like @Marc N. Kleinhenz, will be on the group to talk about their latest articles and your feedback. Finally, @Park Beast will even be dropping by from time to time to talk about our weekly podcast. You can access our Facebook group by searching "Universal Community by Orlando Informer" or visiting UOR.community from any webbrowser. We know this is a substantial change from our forums, but are hopeful you'll be willing to give it a shot. Additionally, we're launching a Facebook group for Universal Hollywood: "Universal Community by California Informer" or visit USH.community. This is the end of the forums, but it is just the beginning of our community. One thing we consistently hear from members of our forums is how different our community is from some of the others found online. We are committed to maintaining this reputation in our Facebook group. I have met a countless number of people, many I call friends, from our OI Forums. I know real bonds (and even relationships) have resulted from the time spent on these forums. I'm looking forward to seeing these bonds develop and new ones form on our new outlet. Please know that this decision was not made lightly or without considering the amount of time many of you have spent on here. I fully believe this is the next step forward to growing our community and helping as many people as possible have the best trip to Universal. I'm looking forward to interacting with everyone for many years to come. As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with feedback -- taylor [at] orlandoinformer.com See you on the Facebook Group, Taylor P.S., Unlimited likes on Facebook, you can thank me in advance.

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  1. Is there a Walking Dead Finale viewing Party?

    With how popular that show is, I'm surprised there isn't anything around here for it. Although most the establishments in the area try to keep a general atmosphere and anywhere I can think of that would possibly consider doing that is miles away from the UO area.
  2. The Walking Dead (TV series)

    Per usual, I'm behind. School and my job have been keeping me busy! But I just wanted to say that if they keep with the story, Eugene is pretty much full of surprises.
  3. Random Chatter

    ....cosmically bankrupt? fair enough. Then behold! He Who Shall Not Pay! CAGEDEMORT!
  4. Random Chatter

    I bestow upon you....COSMIC CAGE CAKE!
  5. Toothsome Chocolate Factory

    Every media coverage of this compares it to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Frankyl I don't see it. There are no Oompa Loompas. No awesome chocolate river steampunk boat ride. No Johnny Depp or Gene Wilder references or Fizzy Lifting Drink test lab! Most of all, no room you can lick the walls of for which to taste any delicious candy flavors! OK. So every bit of that was a joke aside from the fact that I don't see the comparison lol What I do see it in comparison of, is Cheesecake Factory. Except instead of cheesecake, it's chocolate. I'm personally all for the steampunk designs. I have a weakness for it whenever it's presented to me. Something about 19th century design and fashion and retrofuture influences. I think that for something different, even if it is yet another restaurant, it stands out nicely. What I agree with entirely is that you never just go willy-nilly with covering every culinary thing in sight with chocolate. I've never been a big fan of steak but to me, glazing steak with chocolate sounds like overkill and honestly, un-appetizing. What does intrigue me though, are those dessert options! Milkshakes topped with a slice of cake or pie? I'll need to hit the gym extra hard after eating them but that's what Cheat Day is for!
  6. Can anyone ride the water taxis?

    I have literally used the taxi as just a free, short water cruise for either my entertainment or to go look around the hotels without being a guest at the hotels or attending the parks. There's nothing that interesting while on it, but I mean, they're there. I've even applied to be a boat captain in the past. The hours are the only things that held me from being one.
  7. The Walking Dead (TV series)

    Seriously, Lainie? Carol being involved with a fire? That was shocking? Might I remind you about why we don't cough around Carol?? Also, if Tyreese were still alive, he might have some words as well....I'll go ahead and let Alicia hit a few notes though.
  8. I hope to god there's a tank. And a Governor. And his daughter/niece. And a one-eyed Carl.
  9. Skull Island: Reign of Kong

    Having experienced Kong 360 last year, I can already see the difference. I'm hoping they have more footage than just that clip they released in the latest promo because that was exactly Kong 360. I also hope that they don't just put us in a dark room for what equates to half the ride like Gringott's because fans and Kong itself deserves more. I mean, all this build-up with a temple and everything for such a big name that is taking up such a large area of the park for a part of the studio tour that equated to...what? 3 mins? Not to bring the hammer down and nay-say - I think we'll see similarities but I don't think it'll be exactly what you go through in USH. I agree though, this is a must-ride for everyone once Kong's returning reign is felt across UO.
  10. The Walking Dead (TV series)

    Okay, so I'm going to have to follow the pattern and make mine short and sweet as well. I've been reading along so I can see what's going on as it happens. The last couple episodes have veered slightly away from the comics. This episode in particular is a character builder for Maggie and Carol. The girls seem to have switched shoes a little. Carol is having her moral dilemma, while Maggie is bent as all heck to kill every Savior in sight. Concerning Carol, I saw her retaliation coming. Not to say her moral dilemma isn't real, like we've all noted, she flows in and out of her roles so easily that these could be 2 separate, but I don't see her ever just switching over to Gabe's side of the field just like that. Let alone to just give up without a fight. She picked up the rosary because she saw a weapon she could whittle. As far as her being influenced by Morgan, I'm going to take the road less traveled and say I don't think so. Carol does what she needs to do in order for her and the people she cares about to survive. This doesn't necessarily negate her not wanting to/regretting a kill. Like Rick said when Carl killed Shane in the comic and the show, "It never should be the same." Sure, we've progressed significantly since that event but it still rings true for them. Never be afraid to do what you have to, but killing the dead and the living should never be the same. You're supposed to regret, you aren't supposed to just simply enjoy the killing. You can see it too that none of them actually want to(...well..maybe Maggie in this episode. But we'll blame the hormonal pregnancy rage.)and it's confirmed when Carol said "Hopefully not." When Paula asked if she was going to be the one to kill her. Basically saying that she will if she has to but won't if she doesn't. Then Paula put Maggie and baby in a corner, so Carol regrettably responded accordingly. So, I don't think Morgan actually had that much influence in her meltdown. Unless I'm mistaken, the journal even shows this. I think we just finally got a focus on Carol. All I'm going to say about Maggie is if this is her while she's pregnant, Glenn can have ALL of that lol Something I want to make note of. When you're reading along with the comic, you meet The Saviors long before you meet Negan. As a matter of fact, you could almost say that if you do meet Negan, it's not a good thing. During the story's progression, once you meet The Saviors, you learn they aren't exactly the nicest people. Every interaction you get from them, you feel bad for Rick. The Saviors are bullies. Negan rules through constant, vulgar gestures of power/dominance(you'll find out if they keep along. Don't worry, no spoilers.)and The Saviors do the same as an extension of him ("We are all Negan" isn't just the brainwash they're making it out to be.). While I'm watching the show though, I have to say, I am feeling less and less sorry for Rick lol. In the comics, Rick simply retaliates and plans. In the show, Rick and crew have so far not only blown up a group of checkpoint Saviors but also taken out a whole outpost of sleeping Saviors and whatever relation the women were. I'm not exactly defending Negan nor am I jumping off the Rictatorship Safe-Zone but I have to admit, Rick is just running in head-on and cocksure to the point that Negan almost has every right to be pi$$ed when you think about it lol. I'm looking forward to see how closely they interpret Negan to comics and how TV Rick handles the interactions. I almost want it to be the finale already lol
  11. I'm just going to say something I just thought of. Lainie brought up a valid point of having a year-round scare. All I'm going to say is that while I'm not opposed to the idea, it is worth noting that people complaining about something and USH wanting to simply make everyone happy is why there isn't a Bill and Ted at USH anymore. For the record, I understand that it was the material and we don't need to get into the particulars of it being "offensive" and that it "should have been understood/given" but the note is worthy.
  12. The Walking Dead (TV series)

    also, Falcor is a luck dragon. I hear if you consume it, you absorb his luck. Maybe this is true? ..I think Glenn might need it.... I believe Enid is sulking somewhere. If she's anything like her comic counterpart, Lydia, she's got some odd hobbies. So maybe she's writing about them in that book she has. This episode seems to be straying away from the comics, so once I watch it, I don't think I'll have much to give as far as comparing goes. From everythang I'm reading, it's basically serving the purpose of character building, so this could lead back into some stuff that happens in the comics. Lol see Bern? I'm already getting those points in.
  13. The Walking Dead (TV series)

    Lol ah. Well that homework always gets turned in late, but I mean, with the content value and enough stuff and thangs sprinkled in, I like to think it makes up for it.
  14. If this is anything like the HHN House they did last year, it should be pretty cool. I haven't seen the TD announcing it, but I watched the preview clip; thinking objectively, I don't know how successful a year-round maze will be. Considering HHN's success year after year, I get the motivation and not to down it, but I just don't see it being highly successful in the next few years unless they keep it updated with the show, which would mean continuous additions to the sets, possibly more animatronics, further actors being hired(but those are in high demand in the industry and certainly the L.A. area anyway lol. They could literally walk over to Waterworld and see if anyone wants to put sometime into theme park TWD or just walk outside and shout the words "HEY ACTORS!!") What I hope from it: A stand-alone attraction that takes place within the timeline, but is separate while making references to what you've seen in the show. I wouldn't want it to follow the Grimes' and fam's footsteps entirely.
  15. The Walking Dead (TV series)

    @Bern- Ahem. My homework last week was my midterm, which I aced, thank you very much! This was my reaction after I was finished and received my grade. Falcor was there and everything. that or maybe I was under several brands of a similar, heavy influence.