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  1. briieeezy

    The OI Forums at 2

    What an awesome story!
  2. briieeezy

    Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016

    Thanks for posting the dates! We will definitely be there the 20th and maybe another day!
  3. briieeezy

    September 2016 - Who's up for it.

    I love that so many people have boxes filled in the same days that I do! I really can't wait!
  4. briieeezy

    The "Good Night" Project 2

    First post in the new thread! Nothing new has really been going on. Everyday is work and sleep and work and sleep. All I do is think about our next trip! My mom is still trying to get the same two weeks off that my fiance has so that we can all go together but she's having some trouble. Can't wait to get everything sorted out so we can finally book our flights. Good night good night!
  5. briieeezy

    The OI Forums at 2

    Happy birthday OI forums! Like many others, I can't express how much these pages have meant to me. Besides from learning some great tips that I didn't know & staying on top of everything that is going on, I have found a place where I can meet amazing people & just kind of feel like I fit in. I have been a member since the day the forums went live and have visited them every single day. I usually lurk and read every post but once in a while I come out of my shell. Thank you so much to everyone for giving me a place that really feels like home. I can't wait to hopefully meet more of you guys in September.
  6. We booked 14 nights in September and the rate for stay more save more was $83 a night at Cabana Bay. We didn't check the AP price but they told us it wouldn't even be close
  7. briieeezy

    Next Orlando visit countdowns...

    What am I supposed to do for another 190 days
  8. briieeezy

    Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016

    Probably going the first 2 tuesdays! Can't wait for it!
  9. It's MOST awkward when it's just me and 7 other people since my fiance hates the ride! Especially when the other 7 are all together >_<
  10. briieeezy

    Next Orlando visit countdowns...

    205 days! Have fun @Narcissa! So jealous!
  11. briieeezy

    Halloween Horror Nights 2016

    Yay we'll have 7 full nights at HHN! Any word of ROF yet?
  12. briieeezy

    Twitter Users

  13. briieeezy

    Next Orlando visit countdowns...

    215! Finally ready to book the hotel this week!
  14. briieeezy

    The "Good Night" Project

    Very rainy day today. It's actually kinda funny that I post my good night post around 6 am but I work 4-12 so 7 ish is my bedtime haha Good night good night everyone!