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  2. @U2 #U2ApolloEntry 1987 Joshua Tree shirt at 2017 Joshua Tree show https://t.co/LCOTVa2Lfk

  3. I feel like I just got Rick Rolled: @meganamram ’s 101 Best Trump Tweets, Ranked https://t.co/VicOzTDJO3 via @vulture

  4. The world is extremely overdue for an M&Ms movie.

  5. Watching my husband rush to pay for our meal before the big group gets to the cashier. ???????? that’s my man! Always trying to get ahead!

  6. #TBT Less than 3 1/2 months till summer days at lakesideohio, enjoying coffee at @lksdcandc ????❤️… https://t.co/8RUVxiB6i1

  7. RT @thetomska: marevol: something crossover meme me: ultimate showdown flash toon *** you

  8. @Zamode68 ????????????

  9. @glassj3n I'm sticking with my strawberry margarita C4

  10. Wow, such attitude that person has!! https://t.co/eQJ2pVpEWG

  11. Me as a kid: "Oh boy! I'm gunna stay up and watch the time change and pretend I'm time traveling!" Me now: "I have… https://t.co/dPnCbsuZRp

  12. @RohdesRoadies I mean don't get me wrong, good on Six Flags, it's awesome but can't help but feel this has alot to… https://t.co/3aLDfSqVlr

  13. RT @GameOfThrones: “I will do what queens do. I will rule.” #InternationalWomensDay #GameofThrones https://t.co/0FA1D4MxGK

  14. RT @insideuniversal: When you pay to spray water at unsuspecting patrons on Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges @UniversalORL https://t.co/…

  15. RT @guardian: 'I closed my eyes and tried to disappear': British child migrants speak of their abuse https://t.co/gIy1gu95Qv

  16. @GoNoles84 You’d think with my mega global corporation, Informa, owning Megacon I’d get some perk, but, nope. It’d… https://t.co/M9oD0ar8mK

  17. How about . . . https://t.co/wr2NQL4mn8

  18. RT @SpaceflightNow: T-minus 5 minutes and counting. The Falcon Heavy’s navigation and steering systems are being configured for liftoff at…

  19. He’s currently singing cringey toddler songs while I browse the books ????????

  20. @abi_davidson https://t.co/F8ol15YFaS

  21. RT @gop_dictionary: @jonlovett https://t.co/MXOJB9dbb7

  22. RT @Things4FLppl: #NotMyFlorida https://t.co/lid1QnM8Ab

  23. .@JeffFortenberry, I support the *existing* #NetNeutrality rules. Please, tell the FCC to delay Thursday's vote!

  24. RT @vpdd: Retweet if you'd love a short break at Bamford Hall There's room for 20 people in this gorgeous countryside house - Hot tub and…

  25. @ThreeUKSupport Thanks what happens when the current pac code expires will it convert to payg? I don’t want the num… https://t.co/dfuA9V17Lk

  26. @KingBizar @PhilTippett Hey they didn't die.

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